(L2) Gr6 On the Ball Skills to Maintain Possession

Grade level: 
Ultimate (Gr6)
Lesson number: 

In this lesson, students will begin to explore how pivots and fakes in quick combination can open up successful passing lanes.  We will use these successful lanes to work on leading our teammates toward targeted areas like the endzone.

Tactical Problem: 

making successful passes while being marked

Lesson Objectives: 
  1. Students will know that using fakes and pivots cause defenders to move, and iftimed well, allows you a clear look at your moving teammates
  2. Students will demonstrate quickness in their pivots and fakes
  3. Defenders will use the stall tactic to apply pressure on the ball
  4. Show responsibility and fair play by making sure to follow the rules and helping others to understand rules
  5. Demonstrate teamwork by practicing hard and helping everyone to be successful
Game 1: 

4v4 or 5v5 Ultimate


  • I point (goal) each time you successfully catch the frisbee in your endzone.
  • Players can only take 1 step with the disc
  • Defenders should use luke-warm defense (1 arms length awayand NO INTERCEPTIONS)
  • Execute a pull after all goals and to start games
Probing Questions: 

What on the ball skills can you use when a defender begins to stall count?
What off the ball skills can you use to help your teammate with the disc?

Practice Tasks: 

Mind Games
This drill is going to help teammates understand what each other is thinking.  It is a challenging drill, but it will be very fun and it will improve your on and off the ball movement skills.
In groups of 3, we will have a thrower, a defender, and a receiver.

  • The defender is marking the player with the frisbee and will begin the stall count
  • The player with out the frisbee will watch the teammate with the ball and they will jab step toward the side the player is faking on (forehand side today) AND then cut toward the backhand side of the thrower
  • The thrower needs to watch this happen and then PIVOT across the defenders bodyand send a lead pass toward the cone target area

Please watch video for further description and set up

Game 2: 

Repeat Game 1

Assessment Tool(s): 
Assessment Details: 

Teacher observation will be focused on watching the timing between the player with the disc and the player cutting to get open


Why was today's lesson and practice activity challenging?
How could that activity help us in our ultimate games?
Could today's lesson apply to team handball or basketball>?  why? why not?