Ultimate (Gr6)

This is the second unit in a series of Invasion games based on the Teaching Games for Understanding and Tactical Games Teaching Models.  This Unit will build upon previous tactics and strategies and focus on more individual skills.  Students will develop better on the ball skills, off the ball movements, and marking techniques.

Grade level: 
Invasion Games
National Standards: 
Essential questions: 

How does your movement without the ball help your team maintain possession of the ball (Off the ball)?
How does inactivity without the ball make it harder?
What skills are needed to play invasion games well?
How can team sports promote cooperation and friendship?

Unit Goals/Objectives: 

The students will be able to:

  1. Accept each other, and work cooperatively in small groups and teams to achieve goals.
  2. Pass, receive and move without the ball to keep it away from defenders.
  3. Master the concepts of cold, warm and hot defense.
  4. Show sportsmanship by praising all good plays that they see.  This can be shown by a simple, "nice play."
  5. Show respect, by staying on task, and helping each of their teammates to be successful.
  6. Develop offensive and defensive strategies to use in games
  7. Develop team skill by working together during practice sessions.
  8. Develop on the ball skills like fakes and pivots that help you to make good passes
  9. Develop marking skills including facing your opponent, staying a smart distance away, and staying between them and the endzone
  10. Show perseverance when practice or games are challenging

cones, foam frisbees, plastic frisbees, pinnies, ipad, pencils, contracts, plickers, goals


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IPad Apps: CoachNote, ExplainEverything


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