(L6) Gr5

Grade level: 
Team Handball (Gr5)
Lesson number: 

In this lesson we will be focusing on goalkeeper positioning.

Tactical Problem: 

Defending the goal.

Lesson Objectives: 

As goalkeeper, position to cut down the shooting angle.

Game 1: 

4v4 to goal with goalkeeper
GOAL  When in goal, make it as difficult as possible for the shooter to score.
CONDITION  Rotate the goalkeeper frequently so that all players get to play goalkeeper in this game.

Probing Questions: 

How can the goalkeeper make it hard for the shooter to score?  Stand in the right place.
Where is the right place?  It depends on where the shooter is shooting from (demonstrate this with a shooter from the right side and a shooter from the left side).

Practice Tasks: 

Each player takes a turn in the goal.  Three teammates (A, B, and C) pass the ball among themselves.  They must make a minimum of three passes before shooting.
GOAL  As goalkeeper, cut down the shooting angle by moving toward the player with the ball after each pass (get to positions a, b, and c for shots by players A, B, and C).

  • Slide your feet across.
  • Move toward the ball.
Game 2: 

Repeat game 1.


Question and a discussion about the goalkeeper's placement.
What should the goalkeeper do to make it harder for the shooter?  Move to the ball.