(L5) Gr5 Catching and Quickly Shooting, Attacking

Grade level: 
Team Handball (Gr5)
Lesson number: 

In this lesson we will be focusing on receiving and shooting quickly and accurately.

Tactical Problem: 


Lesson Objectives: 

Transition to shoot, and shoot accurately, after receiving a pass.

Game 1: 

4v4 to goal with goalkeeper
GOAL  Shoot when possible and be on target.

  • Players may take up to three steps with the ball.
  • Players use a warm defense (arm's length).
  • To score, players shoot downward from the outside shooting line or goal box.
Probing Questions: 

What should you do if you receive a pass close to the goal?  Shoot!
Where do you aim - up or down?  Why?  Down.  It is harder for the goalkeeper to save.

Practice Tasks: 

Shooter A passes to feeder F, who pass the ball across to shooter A, who has advanced.  Shooter A receives and shoots at goal.  Player B shoots next.
CUE  Pass, move, receive, step, and shoot downward.

  • Players feed from the other side.
  • Players fake a shot before the actual shot.
  • Players jump and shoot.
Game 2: 

Repeat game 1.


Questions and a discussion about shooting.
When is the right time to shoot?  As soon as you get the chance.
Where do you aim the shot, and why?  Down, to make it harder for the goalkeeper.