(L4) Gr6 Advanced Game Play Restarting Play

Grade level: 
Team Handball (Gr6)
Lesson number: 

In this lesson we will focus on positioning to get the ball into play.

Tactical Problem: 

Starting and restarting play after ball goes out of bounds, or violations

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Lesson Objectives: 

Provide two passing options for the inbound pass.

  • Players need to try to offer two open passing lanes for the passer
  • Passer must always be behind the line
  • Passer only has a few seconds to pass the ball in
Game 1: 

4v4 to goal with goalkeeper
GOAL  Keep possession at each inbound pass.
CONDITIONS  Rotate goalkeepers, have players restart quickly after the ball goes out of bounds.

Probing Questions: 

Where do you take the inbound pass or throw-in (soccer) from?  Where the ball went out of bounds.
How should you take it - quickly or slowly?  Why?  Quickly, to take advantage of possession.
With three players on the court, how many supporting players should the inbound passer have?  Two.

Practice Tasks: 

Player A must get the ball to player B or C.  Player D (the defender) begins by facing players B and C, and tries to guard them or block the pass.  Players play 3v1 to four passes and then rotate the defender position.
GOAL  Make a successful inbounds pass each time.
- Players B and C:

  • Each go to a side.
  • Fake one way and move the other.

- As player A, pass as soon as a passing lane is open.

  • Players play 2v2 beginning with an inbounds pass.
  • Four consecutive passes results in a score and a turnover.  The other team restarts with an inbound pass.
Game 2: 

Repeat game 1.

Assessment Tool(s): 
Assessment Details: 

Plicker question:

  • What seemed to be the biggest challenge the passer was having in-bounding the ball?
  • Did your team discuss and assist those who needed a little help?

Question and a discussion about inbound passes.
What is important about the way you take an inbound pass?  Take it as soon as a passing lane opens.