(L4) Gr5 Maintaining Possession And Attacking Forward

Grade level: 
Team Handball (Gr5)
Lesson number: 

In this lesson we will be focusing on moving and supporting in a 4v4 game and timing the pass.

Tactical Problem: 

Playing the 4v4 game and keeping possession.

Lesson Objectives: 

In a 4v4 game, keep the ball and move it forward to score as a team in the goal or end zone.

  1. Move the ball as quickly as possible
  2. Make smart decisions and do not make risky passes
  3. Try to get rid of the ball asap
  4. Complete the TEAM assessment
Game 1: 

2v2 at home court
GOAL  Earn 5 points per team.

  • Players may take only one step with the ball.
  • Players use a warm defense (arm's length).
  • Five passes in a row earns 1 point.
Probing Questions: 

How can your teammates help you keep the ball and get it forward?  Move to places to receive a pass.
Like where?  Away from opponents and ahead of me.
When should you pass?  As soon as my teammate is free and there is a passing lane.

Practice Tasks: 

Player A has the ball and sayd "Go."  Players C and D can move to a supporting position.  Player A must time the pass so that it is given when the passing lane is open.  Player B (the defender) advances toward player A and tries to block the pass to player C or player D.  Play restarts after player C or player D receives the ball.  Players rotate roles every turn.  

  • Supporting teammates (players C and D) - Move quickly from behind the defender (player B).
  • Player A - Pass when the lane is open.

EXTENSION  Player play 3v1 up to six passes.  After six consecutive passes, or a turnover, the defender is changed.

Game 2: 

4v4 to the end zone (1 point per score).
GOAL  Earn 5 points per team.

  • Player may take only one step with the ball.
  • Players use a warm defense.

EXTENSION  Play is to the target player (a permanent endzone player).

Assessment Tool(s): 
Assessment Details: 

Plicker questions, general discussion on 

  • when NOT to pass forward
  • why is quickness necessary to score?

Questions and a discussion about supporting movements, boundaries, and etiquette.
NOTE  This lesson can be done with any invasion game:  ultimate Frisbee, floor hockey, ultimate football, soccer, and speedball.  Answers to questions would be similar among these games, although teaching cues would differ because different skills are taught.