(L3) Gr5 Passing Quickly, Maintaining Possession of Ball

Grade level: 
Team Handball (Gr5)
Lesson number: 

In this lesson we will be focusing on passing quickly in a 4v4 game.  Players must be moving into recognizable support positions.

Tactical Problem: 

Keeping possession and attacking.

Lesson Objectives: 

In a 4v4 game, keep the ball and move it forward by passing to open players quickly after receiving the ball.

  1. Players must move to easily recognized support positions-forward, lateral, behind (safety valve)
  2. Players should look to use give and gos as much as possible
  3. Player with the ball must know that while forward is the best option, sometimes it is too big of a gamble and they have to look laterally, or for a safety valve
Game 1: 

4v4 to goal
GOAL  Find open players to pass to.
-Player make take only one step with the ball.
-Players use a warm defense (arm's length).

Probing Questions: 

When you catch the ball, what should you do?  Pass it.
When should you pass it?  (Or how should you pass?)  Right away (quickly).
When looking forward to a teammate to pass to, what may cause you NOT to throw them the ball? Defenders nearby.  Boundary nearby.  Too many players in same area.

Practice Tasks: 

Players practice pressure passing and catching in a triangle.  One passer and two feeders rotate after 30 seconds.  Player A passes to player B, who passes back to player A, when then passes to player C, who passes back to player A, who passes to player B, and so on.  Player D is the coach.
GOAL  Drop no passes in 30 seconds.

  • Put two hands out and spread your fingers.
  • Keep your thumbs down for a high ball.
  • Keep your thumbs up for a low ball.


  • Step to your target and pass immediately.

EXTENSIONS  Most passes can be done in 30 seconds.  Feeders move toward the goal after the feed and receive a return pass from player A (this extension requires two balls:  one for player B and one for player C).  Players then reverse direction.

Game 2: 

Repeat game 1.
NOTE  If it becomes necessary to spread out the 4v4 game, have students choose from these positions:  one defender (must stay in own half), two middle players (can go anywhere), and one forward (must stay in opposing half).

Assessment Tool(s): 
Assessment Details: 

This is a big lesson because it involves the visual recognition a player has before deciding to make a pass.
Teacher will be looking for demonstration/explanation opportunities throughout the lesson, to point out what to look for or see when making your passes.


Questions and a discussion about passing.
What is important about your passing in the game?  Do it quickly.
Why?  To move the ball over space faster.
Have students do the practice task from this lesson to warm up in the next class.