(L2) Gr6 Attacking the Goal

Grade level: 
Team Handball (Gr6)
Lesson number: 

In this lesson, students will continue the 4v4 team handball game.  They will be challenged to begin attacking the goal.  

Tactical Problem: 

Attacking the goal, and beating goal keepers in team handball.

Lesson Objectives: 
  1. Students will know to shoot downward to increase their success of getting the ball past the goal keepers
  2. Students will demonstrate quickness after passing the ball
  3. Goal keepers will work on changing their location in the goal to make it harder for attackers to score.
  4. Show responsibility and fair play by making sure to follow the rules and helping others to understand rules
  5. Demonstrate teamwork by practicing hard and helping everyone to be successful
Game 1: 

4 v 4 Game to a Goal Goal: Shoot when possible and be on target Conditions: Players may take up to 3 steps with the ball Defenders should use a warm defense To score, shoot downward from outside the shooting box, at the goal

Probing Questions: 

What should you do if you receive the ball near the goal? Why do you aim downward?

Practice Tasks: 

Please see the video in the Flipped Videos block called, "Attacking the Goal" Basically a Give and Go drill with a shot on net Extensions: Switch the side you are "feeding" from Fake a shot before the actual shot Jump and shoot

Game 2: 

Repeat Game 1

Assessment Tool(s): 
Assessment Details: 

Teacher observation will be focused on downward shots, and receiving and quickly shooting Plicker question will be focused on self rating of ability to receive and shoot quickly


Discussion on Shooting When is the right time to shoot? Where do you aim and why?