(L1) Gr6: Team Handball

Grade level: 
Team Handball (Gr6)
Lesson number: 

This lesson will focus on students playing a 4v4 handball game in which we are really trying hard to show "GOOD TIMING" with our passess.  It is an introductory lesson and students are expected to have some knowledge of playing hot, warm, and cold defense.  There is also an expectation of good sportsmanship and etiquette.

Tactical Problem: 

Playing a 4v4 game and maintaining possession

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Lesson Objectives: 
  1. Work together as a team, to make well-timed passes that are hard to defend
  2. Support each other by offering praise and assistance to others
  3. Use good teamwork and skill to advance the ball forward to score
  4. Show good understanding of timing when releasing your passes to teammates
Game 1: 

2v2 at your Home Court
Goal: Earn 5 points per team

  • 5 passes in a row equals 1 point
  • Players can only take 1 step with the ball
  • Defenders should use warm defense (1 arms length away)
Probing Questions: 

How can your teammateshelp you keep the ball and get it forward?
Where are good places for your teammates to move to when they are expecting a pass?
When should you pass the ball?
What is a passing lane?

Practice Tasks: 

Please see video called "Timing Passes"

Game 2: 

4v4 to the Endzone
1 point for each score
GOAL: Earn 5 points per team

  • Player with the ball can only take 1 step
  • Defender use a warm defense (1 arms length)

extension: use a target player in the endzone

Assessment Tool(s): 
Assessment Details: 

Teacher will observe for teams that are functioning well and assist with social cohesion within the teams.
Q/A How well did we time our passes?  What happened when your timing was too late?  What does this tell us about offensive passing strategy?


Discussion about making quick decisions, and getting rid of the ball quickly.  
Discussion about moving the ball forward, but when timing is too late, teammates may need to come to the side or behind the thrower to "support" them.