Team Handball (Gr5)

This unit will expose students the game of Team handball.  This is a popular invasion game that connects nicely to soccer, basketball and ultimate frisbee.  The major skills in this game transfer well into the games just mentioned.  Students will work in small groups where they will develop passing and receiving skills.  They will also learn to work as a team to maintain possession of the ball in a small game, as well as move the ball up field toward an endzone or goal.

Grade level: 
Invasion Games
National Standards: 
Essential questions: 

How does moving without the ball (supporting) help your team maintain possession of the ball?
What kinds of movements without the ball are the most effective to elude defenders?
How does playing team handball contribute to your health?

Unit Goals/Objectives: 

The students will:

  1. Accept each other, and work cooperatively in small groups to achieve goals.
  2. Pass, receive and move without the ball to keep it away from defenders.
  3. Master the concepts of cold, warm and hot defense.
  4. Show sportsmanship by praising all good plays that they see.  This can be shown by a simple, "nice play."
  5. Show respect, by staying on task, and helping each of their teammates to be successful.
  6. Develop offensive and defensive strategies to use in games

handballs, foam balls, nerf balls, cones, marked courts, nets/goals


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